macaw clay lick 5 days

Macaw  clay lick is Located deep in Peru's Tambopata National Reserve, Sandoval Lake  overlooks sparkling, palm-rimmed Sandoval Lake, the most beautiful and wildlife-rich of all lakes in Tambopata-Madidi. This privileged location gives you exclusive access to the lake in the early morning and late afternoon, the choice hours for wildlife viewing and photography. 
No other lodge in Tambopata-Madidi is on the banks of a protected oxbow lake. Our short Sandoval mejia Lodge program includes two nights of fully-screened accommodation in 25 double-occupancy rooms complete with en suite facilities showers,  meals, airport transfers in Puerto Maldonado, naturalist guides, lake excursions by day in search of Giant Otters, monkeys, and macaws, forest excursions, night excursions in search of caimans, and evening slide shows. Our lodge specializes in small groups and individualized attention in our overriding quest to conserve the lake and surrounding rainforest. Sandoval mejia  Lodge is built out of ecologically-correct driftwood mahogany and is owned jointly by a nonprofit conservation group and five families of indigenous Brazil nut collectors.


DAY 01: Puerto Maldonado/ Tambopata reserve zone

Day 1 – Reception at the airport or bus station and transfer to the Carlos Expeditions Office for registration.Transfer to the port on the Madre de Dios River from where we embark for an hour’s trip to our Lodge.

At the welcome reception you will be served a delicious exotic fruit juice and receive the keys to your room. After settling in and a short rest you will be introduced to the tropical rainforest during a stroll conducted by experienced local guides, who will lead you by jungle pathways where you will see the wonderful jungle flora and gigantic trees, some of which are more than 500 years old. The fauna of this fascinating world, tucans, parrots, monkeys, snakes, butterflies and insects of many kinds, will begin to reveal itself as you begin the adventure which will provide the opportunity to experience the magic of the rainforest in this protected and untouched tract of the virgin rainforest situated by the Tambopata National Park, a protected area of 278,000 hectares .


In the evening we embark on a river trip and caiman search. These enormous creatures, some of whom measure 3 metres long, are revealed by the light of lanterns lazing on the sand banks along the river side. The capybara, the largest rodent in the world at 60kg, also makes its home here and is best seen at night, its gleaming eyes will be visible from our boat as we silently cruise by. Return to the lodge for supper and bed.


DAY 02: Tambopata National Park / camping lodge

Rise and shine early, 5.30am, we make our way along the path that leads to the canopy, several platforms constructed high in the trees 40m above the ground which permit us a bird’s eye view of the treetop level of the forest. A great variety of bird species can be observed from here, tucans, parrots, eagles and trogones, oropendolas.

 After a hearty breakfast we embark on the river Tambopata for a five hour trip to the Chuncho Salt Lick, situated within the Tambopata National Park. During the river trip a picnic will be served and you will be able to enjoy the sight of the many animals that gather on its banks: caimans, tortoises, capybaras, jaguar and tapir. The campground will be prepared and waiting with a delicious supper around the fire and jungle tales before a final nighttime stroll through the rainforest before retiring for the night.


DAY 03: Chuncho salt lick / Sandoval Mejia lodge

 We awaken to the sight and sounds of dawn in the forest and make for our objective, the Chuncho Salt Lick, where an amazing cacophony of bird calls greet us. Hundreds of parrots of a huge variety of colours congregate daily at the salt lick in search of minerals and salts with digestive properties in the clay walls.


After breakfast we embark for the return trip to the lodge where we can lunch and rest. In the afternoon we visit the island situated in the middle of the river opposite the lodge, named “Monkey Island” after the many different species of monkey that have colonized it. Wandering along the narrow pathways we will be able to observe the family groups and the behaviour of these very sociable animals. Return to the lodge, supper and bed.


DAY 04: Sandoval Lake / Tambopata reserve / Lodge

After breakfast we depart early by boat for the entrance to the Tambopata National Park. A 5km walk through dense and fertile jungle will bring us to Lake Sandoval, habitat of many wild animals, a bird watchers paradise and home to many species of birds and fish, including piranhas. This breathtakingly beautiful expanse of sweet water in the middle of the rainforest teems with life and affords an unforgettable experience and communion with many animals including the giant otters, almost 2m in length and in danger of extinction, in addition to the enormous caymans, the largest recorded measures 5m in length, and the many monkeys that play in the trees around the lake. We picnic in local style on the beach before passing the afternoon in contemplation of the beauty that surrounds us from rowing boats that permit us to gaze silently and in awe at the forest around us. Sunset on the Madre de Dios River, in all its tropical glory, will culminate this unforgettable day as we make our way back to the lodge for supper and bed.



DAY 05: Transfer / Cusco or Lima

 After  an early  breakfast  transfer  to the airport or  bus  station to go back  Cusco or  Lima 



Tour included:


Transfers from the airport to the port in Puerto Maldonado and vice versa. Accommodations with all meals (from lunch on the first day to the breakfast on the last day), English speaking guide, river transportation, all guided excursion describes in the itinerary (visits in the lake and trails system) and the Tambopata National Reserve entrance fee.

All meals are included in the trip: from the Lunch on the first day until the breakfast on the last day, We believe that our guests should experience as much of the Peruvian cuisine as possible, and this is reflected in the range of Peruvian dishes offered, with an occasional international twist. Typical lunch dishes served are lomo saltado (a spicy mix of stir fried beef, tomato, peppers, onion and french fries) and arroz con pollo (a mildly spicy mix of saffron rice, chicken and vegetables).

Our experienced kitchen personnel can also cater for special dietary requirements, such as low or no salt, low or no sugar, low or no fat, and vegetarian (strict "vegan") or "ovo-lacto" vegetarian), upon request.

What is not Included:

Airport taxes, Air tickets to and from Puerto Maldonado, excess baggage charges and additional nights at Sandoval Lake Lodge in case of flight cancellations.



We recommend that you bring


  • We recommend:
  • Good binoculars
  • Camera gear (ASA 50, 100 and 200 recommended)
  • Two or three pairs of long pants
  • Four pairs of absorbent cotton socks
  • Rain suit or long poncho (100% waterproof - test before you leave home)
  • Three or four long-sleeved cotton shirts
  • Two or three T-shirts
  • A bottle or canteen to carry water on outings
  • Sunscreen lotion (high factor)
  • A hat that will not come off in windy boat-rides
  • One pair of shorts
  • Sunglasses
  • A pair of sneakers or hiking boats (with good gripping soles) and sandals
  • Insect repellent (Skin-so-soft for river, and 20% or more deep for forest)
  • A photocopy of your passport
  • A large, bright flashlight
  • Personal toiletries and medications
  • Rubber Boots for the rainy season from November to April.
  • Cash for souvenirs at the lodge´s PeruVerde stand, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  • Please note: Guests should arrive in clothes which they do not mind getting slightly dirty or wet, and should wear footwear that is suitable to walk on a rain forest trail. Sun cream, insect repellent, hat and waterproof clothing should be carried in hand luggage and kept accessible for the journey to the lodge.
  • It`s not necessary to bring all of your luggage with you to Sandoval Lake Lodge. You will enjoy your trip more if only the essentials are brought. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PREPARE YOUR DAY PACK A DAY BEFORE YOUR TRIP. YOUR MAIN BAGGAGE CAN BE LEFT IN OUR STORE ROOM AT OUR OFFICE IN PUERTO MALDONADO.



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4. - Copy the receptionist information as follows:


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Address: calle Suecia 380 C - Plaza de armas, Cusco City: CUSCO

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