Tambopata Reserve zone 7days

The trip is full of adventure, with possibilities to find wild animals and the most attractive landscapes of Tambopata : The amazing macaw clay lick "collpa" in the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park and the wonderful Sandoval lake in the Tambopata - Candamo Reserved Zone. This program includes walks through the heart of the reserved area of Tambopata Candamo and the Bahuaja Sonene National park . A special birding tour for nature lovers in the heart of the Peruvian amazon


your guide will be waiting at the airport or terminal bus  station and take you to our office located about 5 minutes from the city of Puerto Maldonado. Here we will record and do some last minute shopping for things we could have forgotten such as batteries or poncho.
Then take a dirt road to Puerto Nuevo, our port in Infierno, for about an hour. On our way we can see different types of forest banana plantations, traditional and citrus, cattle ranches and small coves.
Once in Puerto Nuevo we board our boat down the Tambopata River, During the boat trip we will also have lunch consisting of delicious Juane bijao involved in the heliconia leaf. There will also be fruit, biscuits and a bottle of water.
Let's get in the National Reserve Buffer Tambobata and Sonene Bahuaja. Log in Tower checkpoint. During your tour you can see the vegetation consists mainly of patches of canes banks, Cecropia and Ficus. We can see wildlife such as river birds such as orioles and their hanging nesting colonies, egrets, herons and others could fly over as toucans and parrots magnificent.
Occasionally we see mammals like capybaras, monkeys and reptiles like caimans spectacled. In the evening we camp on the banks of the Tambopata River,
After dinner your guide will give a short speech about what to expect and explain the various activities during their stay.



The lick Chuncho is deep in the Tambopata National Reserve.
We leave after breakfast and then get near the river mouth Malinowski. Where is located next checkpoint "Malinowski". We also have the ability to use the restrooms or visiting the interpretive center.
During the last leg of our journey we will have lunch on the boat and witness the change in the environment. The Tambopata now flows faster and fans into several branches that create floodplain forest covered islands, lined with large pebble beaches. The best places to observe orinoco geese, cormorants, capybaras and alligators.
Once in the lick we headed straight to take a little walk around, while our camp was established. During this walk we can find traces of mammals such as peccaries, tapirs and picuros on their way to the boulder clay. And predators such as the jaguar never far behind.
Come for dinner and our guide will explain the next day's activity macaw clay lick "The Chuncho"



At dawn, walk about 20 minutes to get to a cache that allows us to have a blocked view of the spectacle of feeding birds which could last from one to three hours. The clay lick is a bank Chuncho approximately ten meters of mud top of a side arm of the Tambopata River, where several species of parrots, macaws and parakeets gather for a magical display.

 The most famous visitor is the magnificent scarlet macaw. These birds must meet every morning to feed on the clay before flying in search of fruits and seeds in the jungle. This show lasts one to three hours and follows a specific order. First come the smaller species such as parakeets and parrotlets parrots later appear to follow sometimes its significantly larger macaws that bring this unique explosion of color and sound to a fitting end. Back at our campsite we will have breakfast and then go back down river for about 5 hours to reach the shores of Lake Sandoval.

 From there we will make entry to the National Reserve (TAMBOPATA CANDAMO) on a walk about an hour and arrive at the lodge Maloka Sandoval Lodge where we settled in our rooms, close to Lake Sandoval. The hostel has private baths and is located inside the Tambopata National Reserve which makes it different from other hostels where we guarantee you will see more wildlife and get in touch with nature. After settling visit the lake Sandoval taking a canoe to paddle along the lake, where you can see the giant otter (Wolf River) black caiman, Hoatzin, herons, cormorants, kingfishers, etc.. Return to the lodge for dinner, after dinner visit the lake again in the canoe with our flashlights or lanterns to see the alligators they usually marry the night, where we will show and explain and then return to our comfortable lodge for the night.



We will get up very early to go to see macaw palm lick, this is a special place around the National Reserve where different types of macaws and parrots go to eat in the dead palms, the palms are rich in minerals as: calcium, sodium, potassium, etc. which is very important for the digestion. Then we will back to the lodge for the breakfast. After breakfast we will go for walking to see the amazing flora, and in the way we can see some mammals like: monkeys, deer, peccaries, tapirs, sloth, anteaters, etc. Then we back to the lodge for lunch. After lunch we can swim in the lake without danger. After that we are going to visit the Sandoval Lake on canoe where we will see the diversity of flora and fauna around the lake. Then we go back to the lodge for dinner. After dinner we can take a hike to see nocturnal animals as: night birds, insect, spiders, tarantulas, scorpions, frogs, etc. We overnight in our comfortable lodge. 



After breakfast, we will go back from the lake in the same way until to the river port, from there we will take the boat river down, to visit the native family where they'll tell us about their culture and show us weapon, souvenir, etc. then we will arrive to the next lodge. Dinner go to sleep to our comfortable lodge.



Early in the morning before breakfast, we will go to see the parrot clay lick. Where parrots and parakeets such as White-bellied parrot, blue-headed parrot, parakeet dirty head, among others, meet for lunch on the banks of the river, Mother of God in a clay wall. This is a colorful spectacle of screaming and cheap, that you never forget. Return to the lodge for a  walk  around to see medicinal plants, and  diferent kind  of  animals, in the  afternoon we  return our  way back to  our  eco  lodge  tarantula .



Early in the  morning after breakfast transfer to the airport or  bus  station to  go back to  Cusco or  Lima 



Tour included

Transfers from the airport to the port in Puerto Maldonado and vice versa. Accommodations with all meals (from lunch on the first day to the breakfast on the last day), English speaking guide, river transportation, all guided excursion describes in the itinerary (visits in the lake and trails system) and the Tambopata National Reserve enytrance fee.

All meals are included in the trip: from the Lunch on the first day until the breakfast on the last day, We believe that our guests should experience as much of the Peruvian cuisine as possible, and this is reflected in the range of Peruvian dishes offered, with an occasional international twist. Typical lunch dishes served are lomo saltado (a spicy mix of stir fried beef, tomato, peppers, onion and french fries) and arroz con pollo (a mildly spicy mix of saffron rice, chicken and vegetables).

Our experienced kitchen personnel can also cater for special dietary requirements, such as low or no salt, low or no sugar, low or no fat, and vegetarian (strict "vegan") or "ovo-lacto" vegetarian), upon request.

What is not Included:

Airport taxes, Air tickets to and from Puerto Maldonado, excess baggage charges and additional nights at the Lodge in case of flight cancellations.



    What do you need before to adventure in the jungle?

     Bug spray, repellent with more than 20 % of deed

    • Sun block
    • Sun glasses
    • Hat
    • Rain coat
    • Long pants
    • Long t-shirt
    • Flashlight
    • Sandals
    • Trekking shoes
    • Empty bottle for refuel water
    • Binoculars we recommend 8x40 or 10x50 for the macaw clay lick
    • Plastic back for your binoculars or camera
    • Small back pack for trekking


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